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5-6 Ft. - Princeton American Elm Tree - This Variety Is An Improved Classic | Brighter Blooms

5-6 Ft. - Princeton American Elm Tree - This Variety Is An Improved Classic | Brighter Blooms

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This Variety is an Improved Classic Classic Americana is just a click away with our Princeton Elm Tree. And this variety is an improvement on the Elm you remember, since its more resistant to the diseases and pests that plague other types. That means youll be planting a tree that stays healthy, without constant upkeep like spraying or even watering. The native Princeton Elm loves to grow, and its extremely tolerant of a variety of conditions, from wind to salt and drought or cold. Plant the sturdy Princeton near your home to provide cost-cutting shade or create the perfect area for picnics. Because it grows 3 to 6 feet each year once established, youll have a timeless, all-American look in no time. Especially since our Princeton Elm arrives with the benefits of well-developed, healthy roots. You get disease resistance, strong and hardy perks, and stunning looks, all without effort. Order your own Princeton today, before they sell out! Planting & Care 1. Planting: For best results, choose an area with well-drained soil and full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) for your Princeton Elm. Once youve selected your location, dig a hole thats about 2 or 3 times the width of the trees root ball. Place your tree, back fill the soil and water to settle the roots. Finally, add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of the Princeton to preserve moisture.2. Watering: When your tree is young, water it weekly for best results. But if it rains, you don t need to water your Princeton Elm at all. And after a couple years, you only need to water the tree during very dry spells. But if youre not sure when to water, check the surrounding soil, about 2 or 3 inches down. If the soil is excessively dry in this area, its time to water.3. Fertilizing: After the first year, add a balanced fertilizer to the soil each spring. Be sure to follow the label instructions carefully. As your Princeton ages, fertilizing is unnecessary. 4. Pruning: You don t need to prune your Princeton Elm Tree, but it can be helpful to remove dead bark and branches during the fall season. | 5-6 ft. - Princeton American Elm Tree - This Variety is an Improved Classic See how our 30 Day Happy & Healthy Gaurantee compares to Garden Goods Direct, Lowe s. Home Depot, The Tree Center, Nature Hills Nursery, Great Garden Plants, More.

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