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Triumph 54 Led Light Up Fire N Ice Air Hockey Table

Triumph 54 Led Light Up Fire N Ice Air Hockey Table

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Lights out? Game on! The Fire n Ice Light Up Air Powered 54 Hockey Table is more fun in the dark! Its the Fire red team versus the Ice blue team. The table features colorful graphics and LED corners as the red battles the blue. Each corner flashes when goals are scored, creating an intense game play experience. Choose your team – fire or ice – with a light-up blue or red striker, then turn of the lights and let the action begin with the light-up puck. Measuring 54 L x 27 W x 31 H, this air-powered hockey table is the ideal size for youth and teenage players. The table features LED electronic and abacus scoring for you to easily keep track of the action. Four leg cross braces maintain support and stability while playing. Adjustable leg levelers ensure a level playing surface even when the floors are uneven. Start a rivalry in your basement or game room with the Fire n Ice Air Hockey Table!

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