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Chanel 5408 C622/S4 Square Sunglasses Black 56mm

Chanel 5408 C622/S4 Square Sunglasses Black 56mm

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5408 Sunglasses Sunglasses by the brand for Women s sunglasses, with reference 5408, with a(n) Formal, Modern, Elegant and Female style. 5408 they have a(n) Full Rim frame made of Acetate in Brown and Light brown colours. Their size is 56mm and their bridge width is 17mm, with a total frame width of 73mm. They have Organic, Brown, lenses. These glasses are suitable for prescription lenses. 5408 Glasses These are top of the range glasses from the Chanel charms collection, made of high-quality materials, modern glasses that will give you a look that matches your image. Buy 5408 sunglasses in an easy and safe way at the best price in our online store.

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