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Stanley 55-120 30 In. Fatmax Xtreme. Iii-Fubar

Stanley 55-120 30 In. Fatmax Xtreme. Iii-Fubar

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The Stanley Fatmax Xtreme 55-120 Fubar III is a utility bar for heavy demolition work. This four-in-one tool is for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs. The one-piece forged steel bar is made for durability. The board-grabbing jaw on this bar is sized for twice the lumber. At 30 inch in length, the Stanley Fatmax Fubar is small enough to carry easily but large enough to provide plenty of leverage for tough jobs. Equipped with a beveled nail slot, clearing boards of nails is possible without picking up a new tool. The heat-treated striking face improves the longevity of this bar, and the powder coating boosts its weather resistance.

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