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Moeller 55 Gallon Permanent Below Deck Fuel Tank

Moeller 55 Gallon Permanent Below Deck Fuel Tank

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Tank-Fuel Below Deck 55 Gal This innovative line of cross-linked polyethylene tanks is ethanol and biodiesel compliant and corrosion-pit resistant. Each tank features a molded fill neck with Hose Tite machined aluminum, withdraws, and vent fittings molded directly into the shell and are the ultimate in below-deck technology. All fittings meet E10 requirements. Machined aluminum 3/8withdraw fittings feature 360° swivel capability for hook-up convenience. They are suited for gasoline and diesel. All tanks conform to all ABYC, NMMA, and USCG regulations. All aftermarket parts have CE certification. Dimensions are for the tank size only, fittings and fill are not included in the size. Hold down kit: Includes four stainless steel hold down brackets.

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