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550-552 - Holley Sniper Efi Autolite 1100 - Gold

550-552 - Holley Sniper Efi Autolite 1100 - Gold

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Are you tired of struggling with the old Autolite model 1100 series carburetor on your classic Ford? Does your street cruiser currently hesitate at extreme temperatures? The team at has designed the perfect solution for your problems. The Sniper EFI replacement throttle body for Autolite 1100 carburetors will be right at home on most early in-line 6 cylinder powered grocery getters or weekend cruisers. Sniper EFI offers superior throttle response and wide-open throttle power. Put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding. Upgrade to Sniper EFI and get the tactical accuracy of EFI today!

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