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Uview 550000 Airlift Cooling System Refiller

Uview 550000 Airlift Cooling System Refiller

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THE PROBLEM Airlocks. Due to confined engine compartments, heater-cores and intake manifolds are placed higher than the radiators, which after refilling the engine with liquid, leaves air trapped in the cooling system reducing circulation. This results in overheating, added installation time and other problems. In the past OEMs and auto-mechanics have combated airlocks with air-bleeding devices, or have the car jacked-up so the radiator is higher than the engine, all of which have achieved limited short-term successes. THE SOLUTION UViews Airlift is designed to rid Airlocks in todays vehicles. In the process, it checks for leaks when empty monitored by the gauge reading. After observing no change on gauge reading, insert refill hose into container mixture of Glycol, open valve and the cooling system refills within seconds. It is fast and easy to use by anY mechanic wanting to remove Airlocks in the system.

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