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Rack-A-Tiers 55632 Big E-Z - Wire Rack

Rack-A-Tiers 55632 Big E-Z - Wire Rack

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Rated to carry 300 lbs. of rope or wire spools. Holds up to 32 diameter rope or wire spools. Size: 18?from floor to middle of hole. MOBILE – Load your wire reels onto the Big E-Z in seconds and cart them around your job site with ease. Avoid the back pain that comes with picking up and moving cable dispensers or the time wasted disassembling them UPGRADED – Larger than the original E-Z roll, this wire dispenser can carry twice as much weight without sacrificing convenience or ease of use. Big E-Z works great for bigger jobs where you need to dispense wire spools in multiple locations. MULTI-PURPOSE – Big E-Z is an innovative tool that can be used for more than just wire dispensing. This wire spool rack also works as a rope or shrink wrap dispenser. Multi-use tools save space in your truck and let you carry less. COMPACT - The Big E-Z s compact design allows it to fit in any job box. Just disassemble the Big E-Z into two pieces and easily store it in your work truck or van without taking up too much space. DURABLE – Big E-Z s rigid steel construction means it can handle any wire dispensing job. Cart your large wire spools without worrying about damage.

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