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Tis 556ab, 17x9, 556ab-7907312

Tis 556ab, 17x9, 556ab-7907312

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TIS Grey 556 Wheels feature bold v-shaped spokes that create a concave style to emphasize the aggressive stance. Each spoke sports unique contours to create depth and style. Race/baja style wheels and concave designs are what TIS specializes in, and the 556 puts those features on display. The wheel is covered in a satin anthracite finish that is offset by the black simulated bead ring. The center cap is adorned with the T-Star logo to complete the look. TIS, or Twenty Inches Strong, has been pushing the envelope with wheel design since 2001, when 20rims represented the pinnacle of aftermarket wheel size and 18were still uncommon. Now TIS continues its dominance in the aftermarket wheel category with impressive designs and deep lips.

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