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Festool 576070 Random Orbital Sander Ets 125 Req-Plus

Festool 576070 Random Orbital Sander Ets 125 Req-Plus

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The versatile ETS 125 has our finest sanding stroke at 5/64(2.0 mm), and is the ideal one-handed machine for maximum surface quality when finishing or pre-sanding. Compact in size and weighing only 2.4 lbs., the ETS 125 is perfect for sanding vertical surfaces and for doing overhead work. Technical features such as the sanding pad brake and Vibration-stop balancing put the ETS 125 in a category of its own. Ergonomically formed to fit comfortably in any size hand. Compact and light weight enough for extended vertical and overhead use. Step-less variable speed allows you to adjust to the needs of the application. Balanced vibration stop (VS) design delivers better finish results, smooth operation and greater comfort. Jetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.

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