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Festool 576797, Domino Connector Range Set Kv-Sys D8

Festool 576797, Domino Connector Range Set Kv-Sys D8

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For the DOMINO DF 500. The new DOMINO connectors make knock-down joinery simple and stable. Quickly and easily assemble, separate, and reassemble your work for increased flexibility across a wide range of applications – from corner panel joints to center panel joints to joints between a series of holes. For increased stability, speed, and flexibility. The new DOMINO basic structure connectors and furniture connectors can be positioned simply and universally – in combination with DOMINO or a series of holes. Because of its high tolerance compensation and high stability, the detachable DOMINO jointing system enables seamless assembly and disassembly of a piece of furniture – in the workshop as well as with the customer. All joints are simple and quick to machine using the DOMINO DF 500 joiner. No additional special machine is required. The connectors large tightening distance and long bolts make furniture assembly significantly easier. Cupboard assembly is therefore no problem, and you can do it easily on your own. Routing and cutting tolerances of up to 1.4 mm are compensated for without problems by the fixture. The clever DOMINO system enables very simple and precise positioning of joints, thereby rendering additional stops and positioning aids unnecessary. For working efficiently and quickly. All DOMINO structure connectors and furniture connectors quickly at hand and cleanly packed in the Systainer3.

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