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Air Lift 59202 Slam Air Plus Kit

Air Lift 59202 Slam Air Plus Kit

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SlamAir Air Bags (59202) for a 1988 GMC C/K Pickup 3500 2WD | 5-6Drop, If you ve lowered your truck, and then you found out that it has issues doing truck things, SlamAir air bag kits can bring that pickup back up to snuff. Get the best of both worlds with a slammed truck that still knows how to pull its own weight. SlamAir systems provide up to 2,000lbs of leveling capacity since they are adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI. designed these systems to work with the most popular makes of lowered vehicles, and there are systems for 2, 4, and 6 inch drops. The major benefits that come from putting air bag kit on a truck carry over to lowered trucks, such as improved handling and braking, as well as decreased bottoming out. A properly leveled truck will also maintain a safe headlight level, as well as reducing the likelihood of trailer sway. Basically, if you re going to lower your truck, but still want to maintain the ability to tow and haul safely and securely, you need to check our SlamAir air bag kits.

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